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What is the Method Pisara® concept?

Method Pisara is the embodiment of new biology, epigenetics. According to this branch of science, thoughts have an effect on the functions and health of the body. Our main principle – “Your cells don’t lie” – is completely based on our views on the functions of the body at the cellular level. Our biology is strongly guided by signals coming from the environment of the cell. Our busy lifestyle can cause stress, fatigue and feelings of inadequacy, all of which take their toll on the body and the mind. Chronic overload can be manifested as physical of mental malaise. Its typical symptoms include overweight, cellulite, insomnia, depression, lack of energy, as well as problems with the back, thyroid, skin and intestines. Method Pisara® is a registered concept of health services, developed by Teresa Sepponen. Our concept can help to recognise hidden reasons for our overload and treat symptoms in a holistic way.

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We are actively searching for franchisees.

Are you specialised in functional medicine? Are you a doctor, a nurse, a DMK Skin Revision™ skin therapist, a massagist, a cosmetologist, or a therapist of another field of expertise?

We are currently looking for therapists specialised in holistic health to join our Method Pisara® service network. If you are interested in offering your customers treatment according to the Method Pisara® concept, and if you are interested in training as a Method Pisara® therapist, please contact us. Let’s compile a training package that best suits your area of expertise!

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